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Rapid Results: A 5-Day Success Story

Updated: Jan 31

Ali Mahlodji FutureOne

"Our experience with this recruitment process was nothing short of extraordinary. The speed and efficiency with which our new team member was identified and onboarded were beyond our expectations. The new hire was not just a fit skill-wise but also melded perfectly with the culture at futureOne. We highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a swift, effective, and culturally aligned recruitment solution."

Ali Mahlodji, CEO & Founder futureOne

Project Scope

futureOne, under the innovative leadership of Ali Mahlodji and with Selma Yakin leading Communications, faced the urgent need to fill an urgent position within an extremely tight timeframe. The goal was not just to find a candidate quickly but to ensure they were a perfect cultural fit for the dynamic and forward-thinking environment at futureOne.


Rapid Response: Acknowledging the urgency of the situation, the recruitment process was initiated with immediate effect, targeting a swift turnaround.

Understanding Cultural Fit: Deep understanding of futureOne's unique culture was crucial in identifying candidates who would seamlessly integrate into the team.

Streamlined Recruitment Process: The process was designed to be straightforward and efficient, reducing time-to-fill without compromising on candidate quality.


Exceptional Time-to-Fill: The position was filled in just 5 days, an impressive achievement given the usual timelines for such processes.

Immediate Impact: Remarkably, only 8 days after the recruitment process kicked off, the chosen candidate was already on board and contributing to the team.

Cultural Alignment: The new hire was not only skilled but also perfectly matched futureOne's vibrant company culture.

Effortless Process: The recruitment journey was noted for its simplicity and effectiveness, leading to a highly satisfactory outcome.

About the client

futureOne is a tech, media & personal development company that helps society to develop a future mindset so that everyone becomes a change-maker and superhero.


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