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Blockbase: Building a Robust Team for the Future

Updated: Jan 31

Vlado Stanic Blockbase

"YouNameIt delivered outstanding recruitment support, achieving swift, diverse, and highly efficient results. Their insightful consultations were instrumental in pinpointing the ideal candidates for our crucial roles. The ability to understand our unique needs and match them with top-tier talent was impressive. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to any organization seeking to build a strong, skilled team."

Vlado Stanic, Founder & CEO Blockbase

Project Scope

Blockbase, under the leadership of Vlado Stanic, faced the daunting task of building several key teams from scratch.

The company required a complete Finance team, including a CFO, Head of Finance, and Head of Accounting & Controlling, along with a new Business Development team and an expansion of the Technology team.

The challenge was heightened by the need for a global search, including specific locations like Austria, Sweden and Hong Kong.


Effective Recruitment Strategy: Developed and implemented a robust recruiting strategy, aligning with Blockbase’s overall business objectives.

Org Chart Development: Developed a comprehensive organisational chart to strategically align roles and responsibilities, ensuring efficient team structure and workflow.

Global Executive Search: Undertook a highly professional and confidential executive search to identify and recruit top-tier talent globally.

Strategic Team Building: Constructed the Finance team from the ground up, ensuring each role, from the CFO to specialised financial positions, was filled with the right expertise.

International Recruitment: Successfully navigated the complexities of international hiring, particularly in Sweden for the Business Development team and Hong Kong for the finance role.

Technology Team Expansion: Enhanced the Technology team to support Blockbase's growing tech demands.


Rapid Hiring Process: Achieved an average time to hire of just 35 days.

Expert Team Assembly: Successfully hired 8 experts across various functions, significantly bolstering the company's capabilities.

Skilful Negotiations & Interviews: Demonstrated outstanding target list creation for searches, strong interview skills, and effective negotiation capabilities.

About the client

Blockbase is an international energy technology company that heats homes with clean energy and helps to prevent blackouts. They developed a novel energy transition device for the future of electrical and heat grids. Their mission is to help accelerate the world's transition to renewable energy.


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