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Helping GoStudent build a high-performing team

Updated: Jan 31

Felix Ohswald GoStudent

"The most important part of growing your business is establishing a foundation of trustworthy, competent employees who share your vision. Even if you are hiring quickly, it's vital that you ensure that every new hire embodies the company culture and ethos that you are looking to maintain. Sophie was one of the main drivers of our company growth and managed to build an unmatched, top-tier team. If you ever have the chance to work with YouNameIt - do it!"

Felix Ohswald, Founder & CEO GoStudent

Project Scope

We built up the Talent Acquisition department at GoStudent from scratch and recruited together with the team for all levels & departments up to C-level in the entire EU, LATAM and NA.

We have recruited and onboarded from global players such as McKinsey, Uber, Airbnb, Tinder worldwide. We were able to grow the global team from 30 to 2.000+ employees in two years and additionally implemented recruiting support for the acquisitions.   

About the client

GoStudent is one of the world’s leading tutoring providers and, with a €3bn valuation, Europe’s highest valued EdTech company. Founded in Vienna, Austria, in 2016 by Felix Ohswald (CEO) and Gregor Müller (COO), the venture-backed unicorn has raised more than €590m from investors including Prosus and SoftBank Vision Fund 2.

Believing the future of education is hybrid, GoStudent has expanded its offering over the past two years with the acquisition of three EdTech companies - Seneca Learning, Tus Media and Fox Education - and offline tutoring business, Studienkreis. Together, these companies aim to unite the best of the online and offline world to unlock every child’s potential. Across its portfolio, GoStudent employs more than 1,500 talents and supports more than 5 million families each month.


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